IDÕ Drum Workouts

Taiko drumming combined with,...

IDÕ Drum Workouts

IDÕ is an intensive total body workout based on the spectacular Japanese taiko drumming and millennia-old Eastern training methods such as Do-In (Japanese yoga) and Shiatsu.

Unlike other training methods, in IDÕ you do not train to the music but music arises from the movement. This is very inspiring and motivating. And contrary to what you might think ... you don't have to be musical to take part in an IDÕ drum workout!

At IDÕ Drum Workouts, you get to know your own body. You train within your own capabilities and there is freedom to develop yourself. Moreover ... IDÕ aims for realistic results! IDÕ is for everyone! From young to old, from big to small. Ultimately, it is 'you against you' ...

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